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Composite Architectural Detail Rosette Wall Art – 5.6″


Made in Chicago, this architectural gift for the lover of Chicago architecture is a beautiful wall hanging. It exposes its beige-colored material of composite, a centuries-old architectural mixture of molasses, burnt sienna and other natural ingredients. It is hand-molded by an architectural supply company which has been crafting beautiful moldings, corbels and the like since 1883.

The item has a saw tooth hanger on the back, or you could opt to display with a small stand or easel (not included). You can leave unfinished as it is to display the natural color of the composite material, or you can choose to color with acrylic paints.

A special tag explains the unique history of this item and the care taken in crafting it.

5.625″ in diameter, 0.5″ thick.

3 in stock (can be backordered)